Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wisdom for the deserving !

Wisdom ( Vidya ) comes disguised as a woman and tells the scholar not to teach Wisdom to the undeserving

Dhana dayi Brahma chari cha
Medhavi srothita priya

Impart Me, Wisdom, to the deserving - to donators of wealth, celibates, to the intelligentia and those seek the Vedas !

In fact there are verses which ban imparting knowledge to the arrogant, to the atheist. If imparted, it will end only in sorrow !

Na deyam para shishyaya nasthikaya shadaya cha
Datteyam Prathi dinam dukham Jeevithe natra samsaya

In Free Masonry also, "this science can only be taught to suitable and worthy men, because the misuse of it and the powers arising from it, is conducive to general and personal evil".

It is said that the Initiates knew that this Wisdom is unfit and dangerous to the ordinary human mind, and will suffer loss of virtue and purity, if revealed to vulgar and impure spirits. Hence they devised an outer system - that of temples, mosques and churches - efficient, but imperfect for the profane ! Initiate knowledge is only for those purified in Soul and awakened in Spirit !

Hence they hid Wisdom in mythological stories and allegories, as they never wanted the impure to got hold of that knowledge. Poetry, remarks Sir Philip Sydney, was of purpose written darkly, lest by profane wits it be abused !

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