Monday, February 24, 2014

Self and Mind, Brahman and Maya !

Which Theory can one believe ?

Creationism, which says the Universe was created in six days !


Big Bang Theory, which maintains that the Universe came into being , due to Quantum Fluctuations !

How can everything come out of Nothing ?

Far better is the doctrine of Vedanta Sastra, which maintains that the Universe is a projection of the Universal Mind, mayayam bimbithasthvam !

Vedanta, then, is the Science of the Absolute, of the Infinity pulsating on the waves of Relativity. All this is Mind and there are only two principles, Self and Mind, Brahman and Maya !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi

Suppose your son goes against you. Will you throw him out of the house ?

This is where Jupiterian Law or Brihaspathi Neethi or Jesusian Law comes into operation.

Love is giving and forgiving
Self is getting and forgetting !

Conquer by Love ! This is the message handed out to us by the millenial philosophers, millenial poets and millenial prophets !

Love is a Glory from Eternity's spheres
He is still the Godhead that can make all change

Love should never cease to be upon the Earth
Love is the bright link betwixt Earth and Heaven
Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
Love is man's lien on the Absolute !

Sai and Jesus say " Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and bless them that persecute you" !

Let us be arrayed from head to foot with their commandments. ' Conquer everything with Patience and Love" is their eternal message !

Byron said " Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb "

Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and represents the divine arts and sciences. The scientia intuitiva or intuive sciences are a great preparation for Eternal Liberation. Without the discriminative intellect or prajna imparted by him, no one can hope for Self Actualisation. He represents the Sreyo Marga ( the way of Being and of Bliss ) and Venus represents the Preyo Marga ( the way of Mammon and the flesh ). Both paths are followed by mankind !

Goethe echoed the same when he averred

Now lead me where some heavenly silence glasses
The purer joys around the Poet throng
Where Love and Friendship divinely fashion
The bonds that bless, the wreaths that crown his passion !

Yoga Sastra, Nyaya Sastra, Neethi Sastra, Vedanta Sastra, Jyothis Sastra and all such sciences are ruled by Jupiter or Brihaspathi. Sasanath Thrayathe ithi Sastram - meaning that Redeeming instructions are called Sastras ( like fatherly advice to a son ). Hence Jupiter or Brihaspathi is the greatest benefic, from the perspective of Self Actualisation. He represents Grace Divine, without which no Self Realisatoin is possible.

Love is a manna sent from Heaven, a spark of the Immortal Fire, sent by the Lord to elevate our low desire ! Let Almighty Love triumph on earth !

From the Center where the Heart of God is known
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men
Let Love triumph on Earth !

Let us Love All, Serve All, Help Ever, Harm None and Hurt Never, thereby fulfilling the Jupiterian Law !

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Venusian Law ( Shukra Neeti )

The Mosaic Law of Western Thought is known as Shukra Neethi ( Venusian Law ) in Indian Philosophy. The Jesusian Law corresponds to Brihaspathi Neethi, that is rising to a higher plane which returns good for evil !

Even though it is taught that lying is Sin and should be avoided, Shukra Neethi or the Venusian Law states that one can lie for virtue !

Kaliyil prana rakshakkum
Go brahmana hithathinum
Kanya Vitha rakshakkum
Poli Nindithamalledo !

In business, one cannot be trufhful all the time. There is a saying, Truth is ruinous, hence suppressio veriti, suggestio falsi ! In order to make profits, the biz man is given the licence to lie !

Milton said that Mammon was the first teacher of Man

By him first
Men also

The God and Mammon of Western Thought have their equivalents in

Brihaspathi or Jupiter - the Guru of the celestials and representer of the twelve positive sciences of the Vedas

Shukra or Venus - the Guru of the demons and representer of all modern sciences

Milton's " It is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven " is Venusian or Shukra Neeti and is widely followed by politicians, mafia chiefs, the priesthood and the captialists !

In Mythology Indian, Venus or Sage Shukra was born to Bhrighu and Usana. He was born on the day of Freya or Venus, Friday. He was born in the constellation of Swathi. Freya is Venus in Norse Mythology and Freya's day became Friday. Shukravar is Friday and is named after Shukra. Shukra was sent to learn the Vedas from Angiras, who was partial to his son, Brihaspathi. However, Shukra learnt the Vedas from Gauthama. He later performed penance to Lord Shiva and obtained the Sanjeevani Mantra, a mantra which can resurrect the dead.

When Jupiter or Brihaspathi became the Guru of the celestials, Shukra competed and became the Guru of the demons ! He exhorted the demons to win the war against the celestials !

When King Bali was tested by Lord Vishnu in the form of the dwarf Vamana, Shukra immediately knew of the deceipt and warned King Bali. He sat in the spout of a vase, which was spotted by Lord Vishnu. Vishnu picked a straw from the ground and directed it on the spout, with the result Shukra became half blind !

Shukra corresponds to Machiavelli. Machiavelli opined that to be feared is better than to be loved. ( "Love is preserved by the link of obligation which men in their baseness break off at every opportunity for their own advantage, whereas fear preserves you with the dread of punishment which never fails " ). Machiavelli opined that men are base and ugly. ( " This has to be asserted in general for men, that they are cowardly, covetous, ungrateful, fickeminded and false and as long as you succeed, they are yours entirely"). Armed prophets had succeeded, whereas the unarmed had failed !

The Jesus and Machiavelli of Western thought, both dialectical opposites, correspond to Brihaspathi and Shukra of Indian thought !

Shukra in Sanskrit means brightness, clearness, purity. These mythological figures are planets and Vedic Symbolism was used by the Rishies. Astrologically, he represents the mundane arts and the mundane sciences, whereas Jupiter or Brihaspati represents the divine sciences and the divine arts.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wisdom for the deserving !

Wisdom ( Vidya ) comes disguised as a woman and tells the scholar not to teach Wisdom to the undeserving

Dhana dayi Brahma chari cha
Medhavi srothita priya

Impart Me, Wisdom, to the deserving - to donators of wealth, celibates, to the intelligentia and those seek the Vedas !

In fact there are verses which ban imparting knowledge to the arrogant, to the atheist. If imparted, it will end only in sorrow !

Na deyam para shishyaya nasthikaya shadaya cha
Datteyam Prathi dinam dukham Jeevithe natra samsaya

In Free Masonry also, "this science can only be taught to suitable and worthy men, because the misuse of it and the powers arising from it, is conducive to general and personal evil".

It is said that the Initiates knew that this Wisdom is unfit and dangerous to the ordinary human mind, and will suffer loss of virtue and purity, if revealed to vulgar and impure spirits. Hence they devised an outer system - that of temples, mosques and churches - efficient, but imperfect for the profane ! Initiate knowledge is only for those purified in Soul and awakened in Spirit !

Hence they hid Wisdom in mythological stories and allegories, as they never wanted the impure to got hold of that knowledge. Poetry, remarks Sir Philip Sydney, was of purpose written darkly, lest by profane wits it be abused !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Intellectual Mysticism

Intellectual Love or Amor Intellectualis is said to be the greatest quality. This quality is called Vibhakthi in Sanskrit. The mysticism which deals with Vibhakti is called Intellectual Mysticism.

We find many parallels in Walt Whitman and the poet Melpathur ( of Narayaneeyam fame ).

Vibhakti is Vedantic bhakti. The poet Melpathur was a great scholar in all the twelve sciences of Wisdom and he was a made poet like Milton. He had lived laborious days in mastering the twelve positive sciences - six auxiliary and six main - and he had consecrated himself to the Divine. He was the Milton of India ! He was a philosopher,scholar, poet and astrologer.

The Absolute Self of transcendental philosophy is the actual Godhead and the philosopher knows that Thee is Actual Me !

Walt Whitman said

I shrivel at the thought of Self
At Nature and Her wonders, Space, Time and Death
Then I turn to Thee, O Actual Me !
Lo Thou gently mastereth the orbs
Thou matest with Time, smilest content with Death
And fillest swellest the vastnesses of Space !

Melpathur said more or the less the same thing !

In reality I am Thee
For me no bondage
Nor liberation eternal
As all this is illumined
In Universal Mind
Mind binds, Mind liberates
I see Universe thru Mind
The beginingless Nescience
Binds Soul to body
I the Self am unbound
I am that I am !
As to a man in waking
Dream appears unreal
So also is waking state
Unreal in Transcendence !

Yadartha syath thvath mayaiva hi
Mama na Vibho vastavo bandha moksho
Maya Avidya Thanubhyam
Thava hi virachitho
Swapna bodho vapau Thau !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Symbolism of the Triad

There is a great allegorical depiction of the Vedantic Triad in Indian Philosophy.

A cow with three calves - the cow represents the Universal Mind ( Maya ), the three calves are

The Relative Universe ( Jagat )
The Relative Ego ( Jiva )
The Relative Supreme ( Para )

The Triad is a projection of the Universal Mind, whose base is Absolute Being !

O Thou with and without Thy Maya
Art known as Witness Consciousness
Thy projections Three
Are Thee in Reality !
All the forces of Nature
Dissolved in Thee at Involution
Only Thou existed then
As Supreme Consciousness Bliss !

Maya sannihito pravishta vapusha
Saksheethi geetho bhavan
Bhedestham pratibimbitho vivisivan
Jeevepi naiva para
Kalatma pratibodhita cha vigata
sanchothita cha swayam
Maya sa khalu bhuddi tatvamasruja
Dwyosau mahan uchyathe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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